A   dutch   van ‘t zelfde         

This happens to be my personal private (LOL) website which I made all by myself with iWeb (by Apple) on my 27” iMac.

A few data about myself, I was born on January 9th 1941 during WW II and since 1967 married to Fema van Delden.  Cathy is our only child who was born on my 25th birthday, January 9, 1966.  I also have another daughter called Joyce Yvonne, born on July 1st 1966.  With her I have two grandchildren, Danny and Miranda, Miranda gave me my great-grandchild, Angelina.

We do have relatives in England, The US and Canada.  With the US Kalamazoo-citizens, Anna & Jack Stryd-Vantzelfde, I have the best of contacts and we met in person in July 2012.  They dragged me around the state of Michigan, I saw a LOT even was on the Mackinac Island.  I dearly thank them for everything they have done for me, this trip I will remember for ages.

The Canadian relatives are Alan and Larry van ‘t Zelfde are my 2nd degree nephews, Alan has a daughter, Madison Héléna, which makes her my great-great niece (I think LOL).  My cousin Cees van ‘t Zelfde , emigrated with his wife Sija van Rees to Canada and changed his lastname in Vance, but the kids are changing it back again to van ‘t Zelfde, back to the roots!  Yeahhhh

Thanks for your visit to my website and I hope you’ll be back someday this site will be revisited regularly.

Last done so on July 26th 2017.

My motto:

Yesterday is history,

                    Tomorrow a mistery,

                                        Today is a gift.

                               Best regards....  and cheers!!

                              Enjoy life and send me a message.

Hi i’m piet van ‘t zelfde
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My family Coat of Arms

est. 1472 by my ancestor Damas Jansz